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Zanzem Atem Tung

Brief Bio

I was born in Cameroon where i attended my primary and secondary Education. After obtaining my Advanced Level certificate, i decided to persue my further education in physics in the small town of Oldenburg in Northern Germany. In my early years of studies, i qucikly discovered my interest in Biomedical Engineering where i attained a BSc in Engineering Physics and later decided to pursue a MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering. After being introduced in to medical Physics, i rapidly realised it was the field i always dreamt of persueing a career in.

I am currently a certified Medical Physicist in Germany since 2008. Together with Mr. Okonkwo, whom i met during our study period, have always shared the passion of improving Cancer Care in Africa. I am honoured to be part of MePhiDa to gradually make this dream become a reality through patiently and consistently working to improve cancer therapy in the African continent.

Work Timetable

Team Role
  • Vice President
  • Project Management
  • Coordinations