About Us

Welcome to Mephida e.V

Our non-profit NGO Medical Physicists in Diaspora (Mephida e.V.), since its creation in 2015, has been actively working towards the promotion of radiotherapy in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs).

The association comprises of members from diverse professions such as oncology experts, IT-specialists, journalists, and engineers. This diversity allows us to approach the fight against cancer in a synergistic way, leveraging our unique skills and perspectives to make the greatest impact possible.

Radiation therapy is a vital component in the treatment of cancer, yet access to this life-saving technology is limited in many parts of Africa. We are committed to raising awareness and advocating for change to ensure that all patients in Africa have access to the high-quality radiation therapy they need to fight cancer.


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2016 – 2020
President: Okonkwo Ernest
Vice President: Zanzem Tung
Treasurer: Brigitte Mafopa

2020 – present
President: Ndimofor Chofor
Vice President: Pierre Bopda
Treasurer: Prisca Okonkwo