About Us

Welcome to Mephida e.V

Medical Physicists in Diaspora (Mephida e.V.), is a non-profit NGO based in Germany and has ever since its creation in 2015 been an active player in coordinating equipment donation and co-organizing meetings, amongst others, to promote the use of radiotherapy in LMICs.


2016 – 2020
President: Okonkwo Ernest
Vice President: Zanzem Tung
Treasurer: Brigitte Mafopa

2020 – present
President: Ndimofor Chofor
Vice President: Pierre Bopda
Treasurer: Prisca Okonkwo

Though most of our members are oncology experts, the association comprises also of members from diverse professions such as IT-specialists, journalists and engineers. This diversity offers us a potential to synergistically approach the fight against cancer.