Members - Pierre Bopda

Brief BIO

Pierre is from Cameroon in west Africa where he grew up and completed his primary and secondary school education. His choice of a high school baccalaureate with a major in science subjects helped him to discover his interests for natural sciences. He moved to Germany for his first degree in the Norden city of Oldenburg where he studied Engineering physics. After an exchange program at the university of Lacrosse Wisconsin USA, where he did an internship in the department of Radiology at Gunderson Lutheran Hospital in Lacrosse, he was convinced to embrace a career in the field of biomedical engineering. Pierre further obtained a master’s degree in biomedical engineering at the University of Münster. in Germany.

In 2010 Pierre did his residency as Medical Physicist and has since then been practicing as a certified medical physicist which gave him the opportunity to clearly underline the challenges of Cancer care. The mission statement of Mephida is therefore in perfect line with his concern to provide cancer treatment for less privilege countries.
Working Timetable

Team Roles

  • Medical Physicist
  • Project Management
  • Coordinations