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Dr. Ndimofor Chofor

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Sceintific and Advisory Comittee, Dr. Ndimofor Chofor

Dr. Ndimofor Chofor was born and raised in Cameroon, a country in West Africa with a very rich and diverse culture, flora and fauna, and as a result typically called Africa in miniature. During his early teenage life and study period in Germany, he developed great interest in the field of medical sceinces, especially in applications of physics. He finally comitted his research and career as a physicist by co-assisting in developing methods towards improved cancer therapy via applications of radiation physics.

He is a medical physics expert currently working as a clinical physicist, with close to ten years of experience in research and in lecturing radiation physics and associated radiation protection courses. His areas of interest range from radiobiology, radiation protection, Monte Carlo methods to radiation dosimetry.

Dr. Chofor has known the initiator of Mephida, Mr. Ernest Okonkwo, since primary school in Cameroon and university years in Oldenburg Germany, as a committed and engaged person. With similar objectives towards promoting cancer awareness and the quest for solutions on more accessible and affordable cancer therapy in Africa, Dr. Chofor now devotes his know-how and experience while working with Mephida.

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  • Head Mephida Nigeria/Benin
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