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Projects & Undertakings

MephidA ReConnect. MephidA ReConnect is an effort to help challenge the brain drain dilemma in Africa, the program is geared to assist and encourage medical physicists in the diaspora and other health professionals to reconnect with the situation on the ground especially in their home countries and forge ways of supporting projects (through research, clinical services, training, mentoring etc.) aim at improving the health sector in their country of origin.

The program’s goal is to achieve brain gain from brain drain, thereby closing the cancer care divide that exists in low and middle-income countries. At the moment Joel Kra a Medical Physicist from Ivory Coast working in Germany is leading the MephidA ReConnect for Ivory Coast and that of Ghana is being led by Hammond Z..


Mbingo Baptist Hospital

Mbingo Baptist Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Care Project. In cooperation with other organizations, we are working to bring together international partners and the diaspora community committed to Cancer care to help Mbingo Baptist Hospital (MBH) in setting up a Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center. Included is the development of a CARE and training component with a telemedicine concept. MBH is a 310-bed-Clinic, which is located in the beautiful, mountainous Northwest Region of Cameroon….


Personnel Dosimetry Program

Establishment of a strong Personnel dosimetry program at Mbingo Hospital. There is currently no certified or reliable personnel dosimetry program in Cameroon. It is a systematic process for monitoring, recording, evaluating, and reporting the radiation doses received by occupationally exposed health care personnel. The goal of such a personnel monitoring program is to ensure compliance with established dose limits. With such a program, the hospital can also provide the services to other small clinics in the region, thereby guaranteeing the sustainability of the program….


Solar Powered Radiation Oncology Center

Solar powered Radiation Oncology Center. Power outages and interruptions are known to be a serious problem for most African countries and are attributed to several factors. We want to partner with well-known solar companies here in Germany to encourage hospitals, health care policy makers in the countries we are currently involved to exploit the solar technology. In August 2011, Lake Constance Radiation Oncology Centre was the first Radiation Oncology Center in Germany to be powered by solar technology. Another example of a solar powered hospital is the University Hospital of Mirebalais. …