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There is currently a huge paucity in the availability of radiation therapy equipment of any kind in Africa. The WHO recommends 1 teletherapy machine per million people in the developing world. However, there are several countries that cannot boast of any cancer care treatment unit at all. Nigeria with a population of over 173 million and one of the fastest growing populations worldwide has – according to the Dirac database – just 10 centers with teletherapy units. Cameroon with a population of over 22 million has just 2 centers with a cobalt 60 teletherapy unit. Half of the centres mentioned above cannot sustain themselves due to severe challenges including lack of trained professionals, maintainance and management of equipment, absence of supply chain and spare parts. According to the IAEA report published in Lancet Oncology, the scarcity of cancer care resources is becoming severe and pronounced with the increase in cancer incidences on the continent.

Donate radiation therapy equipment
Donating your radiation therapy equipment through Mephida e.V is easy and gets to the hands of those who need them! It’s our goal to create a network between the donor and the receptor, so that the donor gets a first-hand feedback on the donated item. We do also accept financial aid to aid us with shipment of the donated items. For financial donations, please click the donation button below.
How It Works
We adhere to the WHO/ARA/97.3 guidelines for health care equipment donations.
• You or the hospital you are working for has radiation therapy equipment to donate…
All you need to do is inform us in time about the equipment to be donated and Mephida e.V through its network with hospitals and clinics in Africa would find out if there is any hospital or clinic in need of the equipment to be donated.
Once there is need for the equipment, through our volunteer mentorship network program, we will arrange for one of our volunteers to travel to your site for equipment functionality assessment and pickup.
• Are you a manufacturer or vendor of radiation equipment and you want to make donations (spare parts, radioactive source etc.) or want to introduce your products into the African market…
Please contact us with details of your products and Mephida e.V will provide you with valuable information.

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