About Us

About MephidA e.V.



MephidA e.V. – Medical Physicists in diaspora for Africa – is an organisation with individuals from different professional backgrounds with the common goal to help improve the situation of cancer care – mainly radiation oncology and radiology – in African countries.


People make the difference! Medical physicists from different African countries that studied and are working abroad (‘in diaspora’) want to invest and help improve the situation of cancer health care in Africa. We also want to strengthen the network between the experts of the various radiation departments in the African countries and the African medical physicists in diaspora.

What do we do 

Donations - we organise donations of radiation equipment to clinics and teaching hospitals in Africa that really need them.

Consulting – we consult regarding medical equipment purchases, planning, construction of radiation shielding buildings and radiation protection when there are plans to build a radiation centre in an African country.

Information – we provide factual information to the public through seminars, workshops and roundtable discussions. We also want to create awareness and advancement of medical physics in Africa by encouraging and collaborating in research projects and publications in medical and medical physics journals.

Network – we want to create closer working links between radiation oncology professionals/ students in Africa and in the diaspora.

Voluntary work – we coordinate and encourage voluntary mentorship services to hospitals and Universities in Africa from experienced medical physicists around the world.


For our organisation's constitution, please click organisation's constitution.